Kids are annoying.   Well not mine’ my kids they are freaking perfect but for those of you who enjoy the “what the heck happened to me today” cocktail please know you are not alone.  We have all been less stressed, less fat and more intellectual than we are now.  It just happens.  The day the kid comes home it starts…and keeps on going.

If you are going to enjoy an adult beverage why not do it in style like we do.  Not just a “mommy sippy cup” or those heinous red solo cups but instead a cool flask.  Yes; I said flask.  They are back in style.  JT Spencer has such a cool variety and they aren’t expensive ($50).  Each has an awesome embroidered pattern and holds 6 oz of your favorite liquor.  They are stainless steel wrapped in leather and fit amazingly in your pocket or purse.  Like how cool is mine with a cute pink elephant drinking a martini!?! They have other uniquely perfect gifts like belts and key fobs.  You must check them out.  And once again, you are not alone.  Lot’s of us cool people have a flask.  Xoxo