15 Children’s Books for President’s Day

Books About George Washington

7. George Washington for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities by Brandon Marie Miller

If you’re looking for a way to keep your child entertained during the President’s Day holiday, this is a good choice. It presents George Washington as an everyday person who was sometimes successful and sometimes not. The activities included give readers the opportunity to experience some of what Washington’s life was like, including how to play games he played.


8. George Washington’s Birthday by Margaret McNamara

Since President’s Day is a way to celebrate the birthday of our country’s first president, it seemed only fitting to include a book about it. This book shows kids what George Washington’s life was like as a boy celebrating his 7th birthday, and addresses common myths along with the facts it presents. A fun read for any lover of picture books.


9. National Geographic Readers: George Washington by Caroline Crosson Gilpin

This is a leveled reader for kids in grades K – 2. It’s a biography of George Washington’s life that includes a lot of colorful illustrations and photographs. It even includes a picture glossary.


10. Action Presidents #1: George Washington! by Fred Van Lente

For your older children, this graphic novel makes learning about history fun and entertaining. In addition to it’s comic book illustrations, this text also includes historical maps, timelines, and other graphics that will help readers develop their reading comprehension.

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