62-year old Diana Nyad starts 103-mile swim

At 7:45 pm ET, Diana Nyad, 62, a US swimmer, started completing her life-long dream of swimming between Cuba and Florida, entering the water at Havana’s Marina Hemingway According to , they will be following Nyad on her three-day journey, accompanied by five yachts and four kayaks, and will be backed by a 45-person support team, including trained shark divers and electronic devices designed to repel predators Moreover, Nyad will stop every 45 minutes to rehydrate and every 90 minutes to eat Typical food to replenish the tens of thousands of calories she will burn include hard-boiled eggs, protein gels or peanut butter Swimming from Cuba to the United States has been accomplished by Australian swimmer at the age of 22, although she used a shark cage Nyad revealed to NBCメs show that she does not want to use a cage There also seems to be some sort of athletic ego involved in Nyadメs endeavor, because she wants to prove that 60 is not too old “I’m almost 62 years old and I’m standing here at the prime of my life,” she said as she walked toward the sea “I think this is the prime When one reaches this age, you still have a body that’s strong but now you have a better mind,ヤ she comments Nyad has been training for a long time- almost two years of daily six-eight, 10 or 12-hour swims