A big fork will help you eat less

Researchers at the University of Utah Salt Lake City have found that people who used bigger forks were able to eat less food “The fork size provided the diners with a means to observe their goal progress The physiological feedback of feeling fullcomes with a time lagdiners focus on the visual cue of whether they are making any dent on the food on their plate to assess goal progress,” said researchers in a press release, according to Study participants were randomly assigned either small forks or big forks at an Italian restaurantᅠPlates of food were weighed before they went out to participants and after participants had finished eating Researchers found that participants with smaller forks ended up eating more food when compared to those participants with bigger forks “[If] diners feel they are not making much of a dent in consuming their food and, hence, satisfying their hunger As a result, diners with smaller forks consume more food than those using larger forks,” explained study authors, according to