A Collection of First Hand Reports of Shanghai Disneyland’s Opening

Okay, I wasn’t invited to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, but at least other people made it and have some great reporting.  I spent a bit of time passing all of the media outlets and found the best examples of people first hand reporting from Disneyland.

Overall, it seemed to go quite well and is quite an indicator of what it might look like in Florida. They kept their lines and distance and people generally seemed to behave. What I really enjoy seeing is that it almost felt “normal”.  Could this be our new normal? Going to parks with masks and a bit more extra space?

Can we get through Coronavirus times with just some extra spacing and masks and deal with a virus here and there?

Or do you think this will just explode and shut down everything and the world will end?

What’s your take on Shanghai Disneyland’s opening?






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