So I have an almost teen in the house that really is starting to see the effects of hormonal skin.  I feel so bad so I was thrilled to test out a new acne product.  AcneFree is a product that claims to be a 24 hour “acne clearing system”.  This is a rather simple 3 step process that will fit into any time frame and budget.  First step is an oil free purifying cleanser that you use in the morning and evening.  This removes dirt and excess oil.  It did not burn and was rather refreshing from what I was told.  Step 2 is the renewing toner that combines vitamins, witch hazel, chamomile and aloe to reduce oil.  I actually tried this toner out myself as I found it super amazing invigorating.  The final step is repair lotion also used in the morning and night and brings on a TKO punch of continuous Benzoyl Peroxide.  Nothing is winning this match against it.  I see a difference in my son’s skin in the four days we’ve been trying this out so far.  Check this winning product for yourself:


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