Adults and teens need to take online security seriously

It’s pretty much common sense that if you have a computer you should install spyware so you can avoid being hacked or getting a virus But having anti-virus protection and not updating it is like having the cure to a disease and not taking it If you don’t keep your anti-virus software up to date you might as well not have it Especially if you store your personal data on websites Both adults and teenagers are in the dark about the dangers lurking on the world wide web A study conducted by found that of the teenagers who participated in the study, 24 percent used adult websites And half of those teenagers admitted that they faked their ages Ironically 77 percent of the teenagers in the study were sure that their computers were safe from being infected by viruses even if their computers had already been compromised That’s a dangerous attitude to have, especially when “adults onlyᅠWeb sites are a notorious source of viruses and malware,” according to contributorᅠTracey E Schelmetic