Ain’t No Party Like a Trailer Party (Dish Releases Trailer Feature)

Trailers-Inside-outAin’t No Party Like a Trailer Party.  If you don’t know what to watch, Dish now has this feature where they basically list every darn trailer you can want to see.  First of all, nine times out of ten trailers are better than the movies themselves.

They have the trailers so you can see which movie to watch, but I’m proposing that you just use it to have a Trailer Party.  Then, when it’s time to send the little rugrats to bed, you can just say “Ooops, this trailer is over… 2 minutes… goodnight”


One Comment on “Ain’t No Party Like a Trailer Party (Dish Releases Trailer Feature)”

  1. I cannot wait to use this function on the DISH network. This is such a splendid way to decipher which movies may seem worthy to watch or not.

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