Air cork wine preserver -Now mommy can have her wine and save some too!

For better or worse my husband and I have consumed our fair share of wine in our time; particularly on weekends. But with the 7 day a week early morning wake up call we now have- courtesy of our two toddlers- it’s rare for us to polish off an entire bottle in one sitting.

The result is that at any given time we usually have at least one or two open bottles in the house, particularly since one of us prefers red and the other white.Adding to this, my husband has a fairly discernin g nose and doesn’t have a lot of interest in drinking wine from a bottle that has been open for more than a day or two. Hence either I have a robust closet of “cooking wines” since I can’t bring myself to throw away wine–oxidized or not; or we drink more than intended and deal with the consequences in the morning. Our new solution is the Air Cork wine preserver. It couldn’t be easier. Simply lower the balloon end into the bottle, pump it up until it is floating on the wine and touching the sides of the bottle (to create a seal) and voila -fresh wine two, three, even four days later. Who am I kidding, we didn’t make it 4 days before finishing off the bottle. But you get my point.  Most importantly, in that time the wine didn’t lose and flavor or start to turn. We have used this with both reds and whites with equal success. As an added bonus, because of the design of air cork there is no additional equipment or cork above the bottle so it fits back into the fridge upright! Its the little things that make me so happy. This product will be making it onto my gift giving list this season for sure. A nice bottle of wine paired with an air cork, and you have the perfect gift for that person you thought had it all! The Air Cork comes with an extra balloon and a storage pouch and is available directly from the air cork website or on Amazon, retail price is $24.99.

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