Alpha Blu Smoothing Skin Serum

The summer sun really can beat up my sensitive skin; its gets super dry and a little red patchy; probably from the sunblock/have to take two showers a day plan I am on.  I can’t stand the feeling of slimy blocked skin so I wash my face more and more and then I am dry and almost flaky.  Starting today I just added Alpha Blu Soothing Skin Serum and I already feel softer and definitely less irritated and inflamed.  This is basically a super thin skin serum ( I don’t want to call it a cream since its lighter than that) and I rub a little on my face in a sort of upward motion each morning and night before moisturizing.  This is bringing youth back to my face in a sort of magical way.  This is $50.00 for about an ounce; totally worth it if you ask me.  The company also has a great night cream, day cream, and eye cream and you can order a monthly kit of all 4 products for $90!  Please visit their website for more information:

Alpha Blu


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