American fast food expands to Russia

American fast food restaurants have found new ways of expanding by catering to the middle-class in Russia According to , due to the increase in disposable income among middle-class Russians, the demand for American fast food restaurants has increased モI could succeed in my sleep there is so much opportunity here,ヤ said Mr Wynne, the top franchisee in Russia for the Papa Johnメs pizza chain In a largely saturated US Market, American fast food chains are looking for new outlets and while they may have found an expanding market in China and India, they have found an even greater market in Russia Also, according to , fast food chains are able to charge more in Russia than in America The average Russian spends $892 on a fast food meal, while an American spends an average of $650 per meal Why the disparity? Russians, despite earning a lower annual wage than Americans, are not burdened with personal debt, therefore, they have quite a bit more spare change