Amplifi Wi-Fi System

There are many things we’ve grown accustomed to having, things we take for granted until they don’t work, things like Wi-Fi. It’s annoying enough to be out and about and have to use my hotspot because I can’t find a decent public Wi-Fi signal, but it’s worse when my own Wi-Fi system at home fails me. The thing is every place has difficult spots, and the larger your living space, the stronger your Wi-Fi signal needs to be in order to have uninterrupted usage throughout. Then, you have to consider the number of devices it can support at one time. Some people use more than one router, but I’d rather not have to deal with that. I mean, if you’re going to spend the money anyway, buy something that will do the job better.

So, what will do the job better? Amplifi will. It’s a Wi-Fi system that makes use of main router and two boosters. Their website explains how it all works in greater detail, but what matters to me is that it works, and it’s easy. There are five of us in my house, and between phones, computers, T.V.s and gaming systems, we may be using up to nine different Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. I like not having to worry about my connection, and my kids like not having to be yelled at to get off the internet. Speaking of kids on the internet, Amplifi comes with a mobile app that lets you track the usage of each device. It’s a really great deal, and it’s stylish too.

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