Amplifyze TCL Pulse Alarm/Timer

Monday’s (especially during the summer) come way too quickly.  We are all super busy, over-planned and after a weekend of running it’s no wonder we cannot get to the office on time.  I was super thrilled to give the Amplifyze TCL Pulse a try, and soon discovered as the Company states; “it truly is my solution”.  This alarm is super lightweight and super small; you can literally stick it under your pillow (I did!) and choose between a choice of vibration, sound or even both.  I also set it really easily to accommodate both the alarm time I needed as well as my husband.  Setting the TCL Pulse was really easy; I downloaded the app through iTunes, synchronized it with my phone and voila with Bluetooth connection we were on our way to an organized Monday.  Each TCL Pulse can carry up to 10 alarms and your phone can pair easily with 5 TCL units.  I controlled the volume and the snooze length (and yes, we snoozed LOL).  Its use doesn’t even stop there: I brought the TCL Pulse downstairs and used it as a timer for limiting my son’s love for video games.  He knows when the alarm sounds, the gaming is over.  I can see this as a great help in the kitchen as well as reminders for anything (calls, work, emails, medications you name it).  For a reasonable $39.95, you can purchase this great alarm/timer and get your family on track like I am.  It comes in black, white and hot pink and you can find it by visiting

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