Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

I love a product with a great story run by a great family; it makes you feel awesome about purchasing it.  Please take a minute to check out awesome quality cookie cutters from Ann Clark.  These are super high quality cutters made from American materials by American workers!  The Company is family run; her son Ben is the CEO and everyone down to the grandchildren are helping out behind the scenes!  I absolutely adore how they add a new design to the collection every week of the year!  I am having fun making cookies with my two cookie enthusiasts using one of their new cutters in the shape of a “ROBOT”.  I also have a great “SCALLOPED EDGE” cutter great for making flowers.  So many great options: sports, seasonal, school, animals, alphabet, flowers, holiday, trendy and so much more!  The cost about $3.99 (How awesome is that for a quality cookie cutter)?!  You can also contact them for a quote on a custom cutter to help advertise your business!

Please visit their website:

Scallop Cookie Cutter Robot Cookie Cutter