My office really does test my ability to curb the snacking and eating between meals.  I am constantly tested by being asking “do I want a donut?” “do I want fast food?” “bagel anyone?”; the list goes on and non of it is good for me.  I was really happy to put Vitamin Shoppe’s new AppeFit to the test and I am thrilled to report I was feeling full and content for 5 hours – no junk needed!  Truth be told I never want to try things like this for the fear that “chemicals” hidden within will end up hurting me.  None here at all: the “Appethyl” that curbs your hunger is straight from spinach extract decreases our appetite, delays fat digestion and increases the fullness hormone.  Music to my ears if you ask me.  This is super easy to take: mix into your smoothie, green drink or even soup and you are good to go.  I tried the “apple punch” flavor which I was more than happy with (fruit punch also available).  6.8 ounces for around $29.99 and you are on your way!  Please see: 


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