Artist Re-imagines Superheroes as Pin Up Models

Lets start off with, I’m a pretty hip mom who loves the Marvel movies but now I have a sudden newfound love for the Marvel movies.  I’ve always loved the Pin Up art style but frankly found it a bit sexist. Now that said, I’m quite a bit hot and bothered by the take on Marvel superheroes that they have here.

Portland based artist David Talaski has basically made my dreams come true. Now when I’m forced to have a quarantine marathon of Marvel movies I can stare dreamily at each of them.

So below are my favorites and I’m secretly praying that he’ll do more. Why haven’t you done Hulk yet?  I mean I would do Hulk… ummm can I write that?  Probably not.  Lets just jump to the photos.

1) First is this palate cleanser of Loki. Look, he’s not my favorite and the horns he normally wears concerns me, but that said, it gets the motor started.

2) Here we are. Come to Mamma.  Captain America is perfect for this. Maybe it’s the soldier angle, maybe it’s just that he has America’s ass.

3) Green Lantern? Okay, we’re back to a palate cleanser. I mean I like it but I’m not a big Green Lantern fan.

4) Now we’re back in business. Black Panther! Wakanda forever!

5) If you notice, I’m alternating with my cougar-like feelings. This is ok, but a bit too mystical for me.

6) And Mamma is happy again!  I’m quite fine getting Thor’s hammer. Wait, can I say that? I mean his hammer. What did you think I meant?

7) Okay, this would be odd, but I’ll take it. Groot!

8) I mean he’s a dream anyway.  Now this?

9) And seriously you had to say Hand Wash Only”?


Okay, that’s it. Now I’m exhausted!