At what point does punishment become abuse?

The case of Jessica Beagley has certainly made waves since aired footage that she submitted to the show about how she disciplined one of her adopted sons ヨ footage that included pouring hot sauce in his mouth and having him stand in a cold shower While many have vilified Beagley and her husband for what they did, it should be noted that they claim they had difficulties dealing with ” that included lying and urinating on the floorヤᅠGiven that he and his twin brother came from a poor Russian orphanage, this is not at all surprising Based on research that I have done on international adoption (for an Economics class), it costs as much as $50,000 dollars to adopt a single child from Russia The orphanages are frequently understaffed, underfunded, and lack appropriate care for growing infants and children Many children show physical, emotional, intellectual, and behavioral difficulties, due to inadequate care in their formative years All that considered, if the Beagleys didnメt know what they were getting into and had good motives, itメs unfortunate that Mrs Beagley is facing up to a year in jail and up to $10,000 in fines (Why Mr Beagley was not charged is a mystery to me, as clearly he let what happened happen But thatメs an article for another time) For once, I think blogger made a decent point in this case He writes, モJail would probably do more harm than good to their family and if you take $10K away from her, that’s $10K away from her childrenヤ Though itメs difficult to say what can be ムprescribedメ when dealing with a troubled child and overwhelmed parents, maybe family and behavioral therapy can help Truth be told, I have more personal reasons for being so intrigued by this case You see, when my younger brother was a toddler, he was unusually ornery ヨ he still is, granted now heメs a teenager When he would get into mischief, our mother would put a drop of hot sauce on his tongue She felt bad doing it, but she could never spank a child and wanted there to be some consequences for his actions Then, one day, after he did something bad (none of us quite remember what he did particular day), my mother went into the kitchen to get the hot sauce When she turned around, she saw that my brother followed close behind her ヨ and was waiting with his tongue sticking out! It seems that she was reinforcing his negative behavior because he the hot sauce To this day, he puts it on anything that he can I suppose what Iメm getting at here is that sometimes thereメs a grey area between punishment and abuse, and oftentimes little agreement on what should be on each end of that continuum Personally, I could never implement corporal punishment on a child Would I put a drop of hot sauce on my childメs tongue? Maybe But I sure as heck would not pour the whole bottle down his throat What techniques do you feel comfortable employing in your home?