Avocados are Named After Testicles and I Can’t Look At Them The Same Way


I recently learned that when the Aztecs discovered avocados, they used the word for testicles to describe them. In their language, that special word is isāhuacatl.

Now, as you can see in the photo, it’s not really that far off of the concept. They certainly do look like the male member. Spanish explorers came in, and they changed the name ever so slightly, which is where the word avocado comes from.

My current question is, “Who was the first guy who came up with this name?”

It might seem like a trivial matter, but I am really wondering under what scenario did this conversation occur? Was he saying it just as a joke? Was he walking in the woods and felt it would be funny to make a dick joke to his friend and the friend took him seriously?

And then, on top of it, I feel there’s a second level of concern here.

Eventually, there came this moment when the Spaniards encountered the Aztecs, was this a serious statement, or did they do this to screw with the Spaniards? The Spaniards weren’t exactly nice, so it is within the realm of possibility.    

Did they just kind of say it like when you teach someone else a foreign language and claim curses are a form of greeting.

As you can tell, the entire avocado situation is entirely concerning me. I mean, I love guacamole, but now I feel like I have to make my guacamole with either one or three avocados, as having two of them give me a completely different imagery.