awesomeboxAwesomeBox is well…awesome. I decided to put an AwesomeBox together for a family member about to celebrate a landmark birthday. An AwesomeBox is a collection of cards which include photos, messages and anything else you can print on a card. The service is very easy to use. You choose your recipient, the date you want it delivered and the amount of cards you want in your box, anywhere from 25 to 100 cards. You then invite others to participate and make cards. It was great to not only give the gift but to make it as well. I loved seeing everyone’s contributions. My favorite part about AwesomeBox is that your gift will be delivered on time.  Warn the procrastinators that AwesomeBox will ship the gift on time no matter what. I had one person disappointed they were too late to participate. The organizer can send many reminders!  The recipient loved it, there were tears in her eyes! She was so touched that a group of people would take the time to put together a beautiful box of memories for her. I highly recommend AwesomeBox for a gift that is unique and touching.