Baby Sound Machine

Dude: when your baby doesn’t sleep everyone doesn’t sleep.  And everyone is cranky and moody etc.  I gotta get my bundle of joy sleeping soundly so I decided to test out Big Red Rooster’s Baby Sound Machine.  First off, I want to say how light and compact this is.  Doesn’t take up much counter or shelf space and is perfect to bring with you on the go or during travel.  It comes all set up with 3 lullabies (lullaby, rock-a-bye and twinkle) and 3 sounds (white noise, ocean and heartbeat).  You can “set it and forget it” on 15-30-60 minute timer options or just leave the darn thing on and make sure the baby stays asleep.  You can run it on batteries or with the AC adapter that comes with it.  Volume levels are perfect and it works perfectly.  My baby All of us are sleeping better and waking up ready for the day.  You can grab this on Amazon and also at various baby stores.