Babytime by Episencial

I feel like my kids take two bath/showers a day in the summer.  Skin is always sweaty and exposed to sun/chlorine/etc.  I love me a new shampoo/body wash line and I am always interested in using the most natural products I can find.

Babytime! offers a wonderful natural, organic and plant-based solution with their 2 in 1 shampoo/body cleansers and shampoo/bubble bath options.  “Playful Wash” contains Calendula and tangerine oil and I have to tell you it smells flipping amazing all while having this magical calming effect on your little one.  “Peaceful Bubbles” is an oats meets blueberry very soothing experience for your child and my new favorite way to end a day when we are out in the sun and sand.  I also want to mention that these are great vegan and gluten-free options!  They are about $10 each and so many other great options on their site as well.  I am for sure checking out their sunscreen/bug spray options next!


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