Back to School Necessities: Mixcder Bluetooth Headphones

Perfect for back to school, the Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones are great for any college or high school students. Easy-to-use, these hi-fi stereo headphones are wireless, lightweight and foldable… but better yet, they’re super affordable for those on a budget!

Why spend big bucks on headphones that break? Starting at just $19.99, these are high quality with superior bass and 40mm drivers. They will be your child’s new favorite travel companion… or even yours!

Originated in the U.S., Mixcder integrates the latest technologies with art to provide solid, reliable and fashionable products. They’re soft for the ears, but also noise canceling, making them perfect for music lovers, audio book listeners or meditators who need to get away from lives’ daily sounds.

They come in a dozen different colors and styles, so have your pick! You can find them here or on Amazon.

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