Back to School Necessities: Textured Memory Game

If your child could use a tool that helps them identify and remember textures in a fun and easy way, would you let them?

Learning textures is an important part of sensory development: touch and texture helps expose children to the world around them, along with helping them become more exposed to languages.

The Edushape Remember It! Textured Memory Game is super fun, but also helps kids visually and mentally become stimulated. The colorful memory game uses multiple senses to build connections with a child’s environment and exercise their memory.

Recommended for children 3 years old and up, it encourages learning and helps increase their fine motor skills by utilizing their hand-eye coordination.

The 11-piece set will be the perfect addition to your toy room or classroom, and all kids can benefit from this fun-to-do puzzle. You can even get it on Amazon.

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