Bazodee And Dinner Is Done!

Where are my marinade loving grillers?  The summer may be almost over but we are still soaking in every second in this house.  I love me a new and exciting flavor for whatever is on the menu for the night.  I also love me some heat.  Do yourself a favor and check out Bazodee; the Caribbean inspired pepper flavored marinades and you have yourself a recipe for meal success.

I have so far this week tried two different sauces.  I started with soca sauce.  This one combines peppers and veggies and can be used with any dish.  I took shrimp, tomatoes and onions and marinated them in the sauce for a few hours.  Add a little avocado at the end and I had myself an award winning healthy meal.  It was a little hot but so so good!  For $10 a bottle this is a clear winner.  I am already debating fish, chicken etc. to try next time I use the soca.

Next up I simply had to try their marvelous marinade.  I mean what could be wrong with a sauce that combines seasonings and green herbs.  I marinated cubed chicken and veggies in this for few hours and then skewered them for a kabob night.  I have to say that hints of cilantro, garlic and scallions were totally resonating through each bite.  There was a little bit of heat once again, but the perfect amount that it wasn’t “out of control”.

Both products are a MUST in for your fridge.  I love the ingredients, quality and the fact that each meal has totally unique flavors.  Please check out their website for products and recipes!  Side note – these products pay homage to their creators family traditions and recipes.  When you use these products on your own family meals you will actually taste and feel the connection.  Check them out!

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