Beachsafe – A kids review

We trusted our guest writer Miles K (age 12) to review the Beachsafe


The beachsafe solves the problem of keeping your valuables safe when you go to the beach. Plus it solves a few other problems too. The Beach Safe has a solar panel battery installed it the battery doubles as a light source. The beachsafe has a built-in cooling fan that sucks heat out of the safe to keep your valuables, and devices cool. The beachsafe has a stainless steel cable to hook your safe up to a beach chair or a surf rack. With the beachsafe, it is very easy to change the passcode.


To charge the beachsafe battery, it has a solar panel, or you could use a micro USB,  the battery also charges fast. The beachsafe is easy to use and has a tamper-resistant design. It has a four-digit combination lock that is hard to bypass. Overall the beachsafe has a good design and works well. It is challenging to steal if you use the cable and is a must-have for your next beach vacation.

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