Best CBD Edibles 2020

If you are looking for an alternative way to enjoy CBD other than Tincture, Oils or Gummy form, why not try CBD in an edible form? While gummies are a popular way to consume CBD, there are many other options available such as drinks, gum, coffee, and more. Here are some of our favorite options for CBD edibles:

Tempo BevTempo Bev is a brand that offers sparkling drinks infused with CBD. The Green Tea and Matcha flavors are delicious and will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Green Roads
Green Roads is a brand that offers CBD coffee. The combination of CBD and coffee provides an unusual experience, but it is worth a try. The flavors are also fantastic.

Genesee Nutrition
http://geneseenutrition.comGenesee Nutrition offers protein bars infused with CBD. They are a perfect snack for busy moms on the go as they are easy to carry around. You can have a meal and CBD in one convenient package.

Sunrise SupplementsSunrise Supplements offers CBD protein powder. It is a quick and easy way to get your CBD, just mix it into your water bottle. The flavors are great and the powder is easily digestible.

Essential Candy
This is one of those things you definitely need to keep away from the kids. They look just like the hard candies are new sort of interesting alternative to get more CBD in your life. Especially I’m thinking this is quite useful during cold season when you just want to something handy to help your throat. It comes in nice flavors such as mint but I do like the fact of it being so innocuous.








Eco Therapy CBDEssential Candy offers hard candies infused with CBD. They look like normal candies and are a great way to get more CBD in your life. The mint flavor is a popular option and they are perfect to keep handy during cold season to help soothe your throat.

THC Free
Goes right under the tongue which is of course a different way of getting used to trying this, but it’s just like a breath mint. Also being right under the tongue it goes straight into the bloodstream which has much quicker affect. And nobody will accuse you of bad breath.








Synapse CBD


A nice gym for days you’re feeling stressed and stress chewing. So much better than chewing on a pen cap. Some days I find myself chewing the pen cap so this is so much better.









It’s a gum, so you’re going to get a different experience than you are used to. I love the fact that I could just chew gum with the girls, and nobody is going to know a thing. There’s also a different type of absorption while you’re chewing as opposed to swallowing.




This is an interesting mix of a performance drink, a’la Gatorade style with CBD. Some people view CBD as a pain relieving tool so it’s an interesting idea to do after a workout.