Big Bottom Market has Free Shipping

Throughout this wonderful pandemic I love ordering remote which is the closest thing I can get to traveling without actually traveling.  You can close your eyes and order tamales from New Mexico, cheese from Wisconsin and now I can travel to California.

I find it interesting how focused we become on the big shops that ship like Amazon and Instacart. Fortunately there’s a lot of mom-and-pop shops out there that really do deserve our love. In this case, The Big Bottom Market

who is based in California has a cute idea for Father’s Day.

What I love about this site is it’s not something you would normally buy, but when you get it, and bring us home a little bit of a taste of travel.

The gift set includes all of their popular products and costs $79.99 with free shipping in the USA. The gift set includes:

– The Big Bottom Biscuit Cookbook 

– Big Bottom Market Gourmet Mustard With Creole Spice

– Big Bottom Market Local Honey

– Big Bottom Market Just Add Water Biscuit Mix

– Big Bottom Market Fir Candle

– Big Bottom Market BBQ Sauce

See, the best thing to me is that free shipping. In these times of corona, it’s kind a nice table to jump in and find a cool product to make dad happy.

I would NEVER have thought to order food from Etsy, but essentially this shop is making a go out of it and it’s a great idea. Check out: Big Bottom Market!