Bikini shape for summer

Norma Kamali, swimwear aficionado, put together the to look good in the water this summer Waxing can be scary for some women, but Kamali says it is a great way to feel confident in your suit The best part is, the suit can determine how much waxing is needed If waxing is a scary concept for you, just get a suit that covers a bit more Kamali also suggests a quick trip to the salon for a pedicure and manicure Body scrubs are also great, not just for the skin, but for relaxation Kamali suggests sea salt and organic olive oil Exercise is essential for confidence and shape Kamali advises to make it a daily activity but that doesn’t mean going to the gym Walk around the office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and if you have kids, do a physical activity together To eliminate cellulite, Kamali suggests ridding your diet of sugar and salt to avoid holding onto it through water, and to give organic vegetables and fruits a try Last of all, document your progress through pictures, journals, videos, or whatever you’re comfortable with It will give you motivation and help you remember what you’re striving for