Blount Fine Foods releases Asian-inspired meals

My family and I are constantly looking for easy lunches and dinners that are quick to make and meet the expectations of our savory pallets.

Blount Fine Foods is now our savior as they recently introduced a new line of Asian-inspired noodle and rice bowls that are gluten free and vegetarian/vegan. Ready in less than three minutes, the brand announced the four new flavors that are now available; chicken ramen noodle, coconut chicken and noodle, hibachi chicken and rice, and vegetable and rice.

“These new bowls represent the two important and undeniable trends in consumer purchase behavior; strong desire for innovative world flavors and recipes and the ever-growing demand for healthier, easier-to-prepare meals,” said Bob Sewall, Blount’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing in a media release. “Our consumer research shows younger, health-conscious consumers seek relief from managing the quick pace of today’s world so they put a premium on options that fit seamlessly with not only their routines, but also their personal tastes and preferences.”

For any busy parent who feels like they’re constantly on the run, these bowls are the perfect treat that taste great!

Find your Blount Bowls here:

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