Breast ironing tradition in Cameroon

Breast ironing is exactly what it seems It is the practice of pressing a burning hot pestle onto a young girlメs breasts According to , one in four Cameroonian girls are affected by this practice Why is this practice performed by certain mothers in Cameroon? To make their daughters less desirable to boys (and men) and therefore stave off pregnancy for as long as possible These mothers believe that the best way to encourage their girls to finish school without interruption is by ensuring that their daughterメs breasts donメt grow while they are in school Terisia Techu was one of the girls who had to undergo this practice and she admits, with tears in her eyes, that this is not the best way to stop pregnancy According to , Terisia became pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn child when she was just 15 years old She believes that breast ironing is not the best way to stop a girl from getting pregnant ヨ sex education is