Breast Milk Baby’ doll expected to sell in United States

Dolls have been attributed as one of the earliest and closest friends to children During childhood, dolls provide the benefits of being a comfort object as infants, toddlers, and early-age school children begin to differentiate between textures, colors, develop language and social skills, and create mental scenarios that assist in their overall psychological and intellectual development How can a make-believe friend suddenly be inappropriate? Berjuan, a Spanish Company has made a toy doll that allows children to imitate the act of breast-feeding Last week, it was that this item will be introduced to the US market at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas on July 31 Much controversy has stirred since, over whether such a モtoyヤ is suitable for children Many experts believe that breast-feeding, an intimate and mature act between mother-child, is unfitting for such young children The doll, dressed in a halter top, has two flowers positioned where nipples would be Furthermore, it makes suckling sounds when its mouth is near the sensors intricately inserted in the flowers Although some believe that this can be seen as an educational opportunity for young children to understand the meaning of breast-feeding, many disagree due to the messages the doll evokes Many parents remain outraged over this モBreast Milk Babyヤ and think that children should be allowed to use their imaginations to grow without being forced to learn about nurturing skills that they wonメt need to use for years to come Cesar Bernabeu, director of sales and marketing for the European company, Berjuan, wrote in an e-mail that breast-feeding is completely natural, モWe realized that the reaction was so positive with the girls when they were imitating their moms and saw that they react to the doll like it was a little sisterヤ The doll that simulates breast-feeding may or may not be top-selling as it is in Spain, but advocates do propose that it might increase breast-feeding rates in the United States