The Bro Basket….I nailed Father’s Day.

Yup….I did it.  I nailed Father’s Day.  Umm…and it was so easy.  So I do my job and review cool products and get this awesome opportunity to give the hubby a super cool basket full of stuff he loves!?!  Sign this girl up.

Bro Basketthis is a company where you can pick from all sorts of cool baskets/buckets with the stuff men dream of: booze, cigars, glasses, snacks and more.  We have an awesome California Corporate Wine Crate which is basically a great bottle of red, two glasses, whiskey stones, coasters, chocolates, cigars, a flask and more.  He pretty much went enthusiastically item by item loving each and every one of them.  Now the best part about this company is that you can choose between all kind of occasions or themes (even booze-less) or customize your own.  All different price points.  I am already deciding what to do for the holidays!  He loved it!  And as usual… I rule.