The only bugs I will play with….

Sooooo not a bug fan.  I am like a “stand on the chair and scream” kind of gal but I finally found a group of bugs I think are actually adorable.  We are sampling/testing/playing with the innovative Beat Bugs this weekend and couldn’t be happier!  These are actually toys based upon a Beatle’s inspired animated series on Netflix.  Oh; and the soundtrack is simply amazing including Eddie Vedder, Sia and Pink to name a few.  This means that as parents, you won’t rip the hair out of your head listening to “kiddie music” play over and over again.

The characters are really adorable; friends Crick, Jay, Buzz, Kumi and Walter live in an overgrown backyard that is full of fun and adventure.  You will adore watching this series with your child and playing along with the bug action figures and magical bug keeper (which by the way plays Beatles songs like “Drive My Car” and “In My Life”.  Love love love the music, the characters and the lessons these friends learn!

Awesome holiday gifting ideas people!