Build the best lemonade stand in the neighborhood

School may be starting up soon for many kids, but there’s still another month of summer left, which means plenty of time to earn some spending money with a lemonade stand Follow these professional tips to help your kids’ lemonade stand be fun and profitable Laura Stampler of Some of the best tips include picking out a prime location, enlisting help from the community to spread the word, and share proceeds with a local charity to boost sales These days, lemonade for a quarter is out; kids can charge up to a dollar or more for a glass, especially if it’s made with high quality ingredients like real lemons and cane sugar By boosting the price, your kids can still make money while helping their community If your kid chooses a public location like a storefront or public park, it’s best to call ahead to city hall or to the manager of the store to make sure it’s okay for your child to set up shop But the park during a baseball game or a storefront on a hot day can be great places to sell