BUQU Power Banks

Since we are all so busy and are pretty much totally reliant on our phones and tablets these days, I always worry I will be somewhere with the kids and have “no charge” on my phone.  I instantly panic which immediately concerns me and my level of dependency on said phone.  But since I am not going to change anytime soon: I am LOVING my USB power banks from BUQU (Beunique).  These are adorable “Bubs” (rubber ducky), “Nade”(grenade), “Chubs” (piggy) or “Pina” (pineapple) USB power banks that have a 3,350mAh battery that will bring your phone or tablet to 100% charge.  They each have a handy-dandy clip attached so you can have it with you no matter where you are (backpack, purse, belt loop, etc).  These cost $29.95 and that is totally worth it to have charge no matter where life may bring you.  The company also sells adorable wall chargers in fun shapes like dice, crowns and more as well as car chargers shaped like flowers or rockets.  Please visit their website to make a purchase and for more info: https://www.mybuqu.com.

Their products are also available in Best Buy, Nordstrom, Tilly’s, Target or Amazon.


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