Capri Sun Sport

Not all juice boxes have to be sugary cr@p.  Some of them can actually hydrate your children.  This past week we my household tried out new Capri Sun Sport juice pouches in three yummy flavors: Citrus Rush, Fruit Frenzy and Grape Blast.  These are literally a blend of electrolytes and water with ZERO high-fructose corn syrup.  There is nothing artificial in these which is almost unbelievable these days.  To compare to other options, most range between 50-90 calories and most have high numbered grams of sugar.  These pouches are 30 calories (typical sport drinks are 40 calories), 8g of sugar (typical sport drinks are 10mg) and 85mg sodium.

I was expecting my kids to not love them so much but they really did!  And I am super happy to know that even if they are drinking a “juice pouch product” that they are being handed a much healthier option!

Warmer weather is coming; try these out!