CBD Gifts for Mother’s Day

Every mom needs to relax, and this year seems to be proving that theory. CBD has become so mainstream that maybe this might be the best thing to throw in Mom’s goodie bag for Mother’s Day?  We scoured our favorites to come up with the best darn list for CBD Gifts for Mother’s Day.

Have you tried CBD yourself? What are some of your favorites from below?

Isca CBD

Soda/Cola made from Hemp? How mainstream can you get? That’s awesome. I mean I poured myself a glass of what the kids thought was Coca-Cola, but it wasn’t.  It did get awkward when they asked to try some but what doesn’t hurt them…

Anyway, it tastes awesome and the Grapefruit tastes even better!



Life Elements

These bath bombs are what they call “Water Activated Pain Relief.” Now if you’re not into CBD, you won’t know this but 200mg of CBD is basically a bomb. If Momma isn’t feeling good before this bath, she will be quite fine after this bath!  This packs quite a good punch.




Vermont Organic Science Vermont Organic Scientific

Vermont Organic Scientific is a family-owned hemp extraction lab in VT.   The owner AJ is watching everything and is hands-on with the operation and it shows. I love the fact that it’s not only family-run but organic and the quality is clearly there.




Tribe CBDTribe Tokes

Tribe doesn’t just make CBD but here’s my happy picture with their CBD Products. They are founded by Degelis Tufts and really advocate for the entire CBD and Cannabis community. For Tribe Tokes, it’s not just about the products but it’s about getting the message across.  Not only do they have the usual CBD products that you’d expect but they also really work hard to get out that message on Cannabis.


Pachama Pachamama

I just love the company name here.  Maybe it’s the inclusion of Mama in the title. But I also love the variety of products here.

Sure the Ice Muscle Gel was nice, but I think I’m addicted to the Goji/Cacao which tastes amazing.



Cativa CBDCativa CBD

Cativa has a heck of a variety here.  You’ll see the Rooibos Tea, the gum, and the coffee.

I also love their focus on their relationship with laboratories and research institutions.

They make fun products but also make them serious with quality in mind.


Oley Hemp

It’s not CBD in this case, but this coffee with hemp is a thing unto itself.  It has a bit more calming in it than regular coffee, but it also has a bit of protein and amino acids so it’s a bit healthier too.




Backyard Soda CompanyBackyard Soda Company

These are one of the most “Why didn’t I think of that” CBD Products that I’ve seen.  Yes, the syrups are designed for sodas, but you can really use them in anything. I used the Vanilla Bean in making cookies.

That said, I also poured the mango jalapeno into my ice tea which basically brought them to an entirely different level.  Even the lavender/lemon made a really unique ice tea.

So sure, you can use them to make alcoholic drinks, but I loved exploring even further.