Certain allergies can prevent cancer

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Scientists in Denmark are studying the link between contact allergies and cancer prevention People with contact allergies have lower rates of certain types of cancers Contact allergies cause sufferers to develop a rash or skin irritation when exposed to allergens “People with allergies seem to have less cancer or have fewer different cancer types than patients who don’t have allergies The reason for this isthat patients with allergies may have a more ready and observant immune system that could lead to earlier detection of cancerous cells,” said lead researcher Kaare Engkilde to One reason contact allergies are different from seasonal allergies is that the body produces natural killer T cells in response to allergens Natural killer T cells can also kill cancer cells before they become deadly William Chambers, from the American Cancer Society, pointed out that there has been a long held belief that cancer can be prevented by our immune systems モThere is now wide acceptance among immunologists that cell-mediated immunity plays a role in certain cancers,” said Chambers to