I was looking for something new to add to my beach cooler and I think I have found it.  New infused tea drinks from ChaiElixir.  These are yummy, carbonated and caffeinated chai tea “experiences” in a bottle.  The company offers three different options: Vivid, Essence and Fusion.  Vivid is a  sparkling green tea packed with antioxidants.  You can taste hints of citrus and spices.  Essence is a wonderful white tea beverage (this was my favorite) and is sweetened with white peach nectar.  Finally, Fusion is an oolong tea treat that will have you asking for more.

ChaiElixir is committed to helping provide the consumer with a beverage that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Since 2012, the veteran-owned company has been bringing us wonderful alternatives to sugared soda drinks.  In fact founder, Wonny Kim came up with the elixir after not being able to find a healthy, refreshing drink on the shelves of his local stores.  My favorite feature of the drinks was the aroma that comes from the bottle.  Such amazing tea and fruit scent as you drink a beverage that your body will thank you for.  For more information and to purchase this product please visit

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