Clakit….I need it.

My life in summary would be wake up…run around…go to sleep….repeat.  Even when I hit the trails for some walking/jogging/fresh air to myself I find that I forget essentials and never have a free hand to hold them anyhow.  I am checking out the Strap Pack from and I think us mommy’s finally found our “extra hand”.  Suddenly, no matter where you are or no matter what recreation you love, your most important items are now on the front of your body and ready for easy access and use.  The products amazing clip attaches to your should strap (think backpack) and then you choose the pouch that best suits your day.  Like I mentioned, I have the strap pack which is perfect for your phone, charger, a snack!  It is basically like a purse that you don’t have to sling over your shoulder.  They also have other cool pouches for water bottles, your phone (thinner pouch) and more!  These are all super affordable around $15-20.  Super cool and really usable item!  Great for running/exercising/the beach and so many other places!

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