Claritin Launches The Outsideologist Project To Get Kids Outside

The OutsideologistI’m not one who loves when corporations do research but I find myself torn because I totally agree with the motives and goals here.

Claritin released a study with the basic goal of getting kids out of the house.  Does it imply that they might have allergies and getting outside would help them? Sure, but that said, I found it worth it and fascinating.

72% of parents think that their family doesn’t go outside enough, and I am in that group. I mean my kids and nearly every kid I see is addicted to video games.  48% of parents would trade computer or tv time to just get the kids outdoor to play.  And yes, I would do anything to get my kids outside more.

But, the part that I loved, is that 65% of parents said that with the pandemic kids have gotten into the great outdoors more.

Maybe it’s planning pandemic playdates outside, maybe it’s going to more socially distant opportunities like hiking.

So what do all of these studies mean?  The pandemic has proven one thing.

When you’re trying to be socially distant, you’re more likely to get your darn kids outside and that’s the one and possibly only damn good thing abotu this pandemic!