Cool Tableware

Since we’re stuck at home, we all need a little something extra to make our kitchen feel a bit better. I love tableware that has a little something special. I scoured the web for some unique tableware gifts and came up with a few of my favorites below.

Ok, zoom in on this photo. See the picture, yes he made your cutlery. The premise is this all, of course, eco-friendly and portable, but I find these simply beautiful. They are such high quality, I don’t want just to carry these around, but I want a set of them for around the kitchen table.









Kuma Knives

These professional knives are affordable, high quality as well as reasonably priced. Are you a barbecuing parent looking for a knife to slice meat at the grill. Kuma might be the option for you.





WellToldDesign makes glasses with maps of your hometown. I always love personalized gifts but love these even more because they are not the average gift. I also love the idea of buying these for your special someone based on a favorite place you’ve visited together.




Unbreakable wine glasses
We are all trying to get outside during COVID, so this can be an excellent option to dine in your backyard without breaking your glasses. I love the fact that these are light and airy and look like real glasses.








Gosun Flatware

This flat silverware is designed to help save the planet, so you don’t waste funds and resources on plastic silverware. The premise, of course, you’ll have the silverware with you and don’t need to buy a bunch of plastic utensils. These are great to bring to a party, so you don’t have to touch someone else’s utensils.