Cork Pops: Wine & Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories by “Cork Pops”


Cork Pops brings us wonderful and humorous bar accessories for entertaining and every day. They say “Opening The Wine Is Only The Beginning”. Their line carries fine wine openers, wine accessories, barware, bar accessories, wine openers, glass and stemware, charms, chillers, glasses and more. I had the opportunity to sample their “At Your Service Collection” of bar towels. They are affordable at around $7.00 and each have a printed funny phrase such as “I’d Tap That” (Beer Keg) or wine humor phrases like “Totally Screwed” or “Already Screwed”. They are adorable and a perfect house gift. Check out their helpful shopping tabs for gifts $15, $30 or go right to items for the wine connoisseur to pamper a true enthusiast. I checked out the site’s really informative “Winery List” which lists wineries by state and also international options. Definitely check this out when planning your next trip!

For more information please check out This is your ideal stop for all things wine and bar! The site also runs specials, “featured items” and really awesome and informative blogs.

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