Corolle Dolls

I can’t think of anything sweeter than giving my little princess one of these fantastic dolls from Corolle that fell into my lap recently!  They are literally just the cutest!

We have two different we would love to recommend to you all – the first is Babibunny and Mon Premier Bebe Bath Floral Bloom Baby Doll.  Babibunny has a super awesome nightlight feature along with soothing tunes that help your baby fall gently to sleep.  This doll is the perfect gift for all ages (great shower gift).  “Bath Baby” is perfect for your child 18 months and up.  You can take her with you in the tub, to the pool, the ocean etc and when you are finished with water play you can dress her back in her pretty floral clothes and lull her to sleep.

This entire line of dolls is totally something to check out!  Maybe even as a dance recital gift or end of year gift for your prima ballerina!


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