Couple Married 75 years, both named Harvey and Irma

How cute is this story!  We loved it and had to share it with you!  Married 75 years and no forceful winds a’blowin here!

These two have weathered the Great Depression and got married when FDR was in office!  Groom Harvey and Bride Irma married in 1942 cannot believe their names are becoming so synonymous in the news with catastrophe.  They really are super cute; it is truly hard to believe they could be associated with such disaster!   So how does one get lucky enough to be named after a storm?  Since 1979 we have alternated male and female names for tropical storms. Names are kept in master lists and used in rotation.  These two are quite honestly so dangerous they will most likely be retired as well!  No doubt they won’t be used in tandem again!

I literally listened to the entire story and it so so adorable!

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