Crocs Swiftwater Collection

-_202251_070_ISI’ve normally felt a bit cautious with Crocs, but the Swiftwater collection seems to really work for camping. I like that they are rugged and have a much thicker look and look more like a camping shoe.

They have nice ridging in the sole itself which gives a good grip.

But honestly the best thing about these are that they are really the perfect water shoe. It’s kind of funny, but with the negative jokes I’ve heard about Crocs, they really are beyond the most perfect water shoe. Get them wet? Who cares! Rinse them off.

I used to use these regular water shoes with a sneaker-like material and when they got wet they felt terrible and shrunk to my foot a bit. These don’t change shape and really, well… lets give Crocs a lot more credit here! Great idea and perfect fit for camping.