Cuddlefish Towels

Who loathes packing towels as much as I do? Whether it be for the beach, or a quick day trip: they take up so much room in your bag and sometimes weigh a ton.  The good people at Cuddlefish Towel Company have answered my silent mommy prayers and I will never be stressing the pack again!  No surprise that the Company is run by four moms!  Cuddlefish Towels (37×62) are made of microfiber; this makes them super lightweight weighing 11 ounces.  They actually dry you just as sufficiently as terry cloth however they dry so much faster.  They can hold up to three times their own weight in water and very quickly dry in the sun or the clothes dryer.  They actually can fold into the size of an iPad making this a no-brainer.

Please visit for more information and to purchase this product.  It is available right now for $25.o0 through amazon prime and available in an array of bright summery patterns.  I just gained real estate in my beach tote and suitcase as easy as 1-2-3.  These are a MUST for back to college as well!

cuddlefish towels

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