Curb your hunger after exercise

Have you ever gotten that sudden urge to eat fatty high calorie foods right after you finished exercising? Here are a few tips to help curb that crave After you work out, you should drink plenty of water You should do this before you start to get something to eat We often think we’re hungry when in actuality, we are thirsty Water also our body with the fluid we lost from sweating We should drink water before, during and after we exercise If you choose to eat afterwards, you should choose something that’s around 150 to 200 cal This should be a combination of protein and complex carbohydrates Protein will help your body build muscles, and the complex carbohydrates will help your body replenish the energy that was lost You should also try some apples with string cheese, whole wheat toast with peanut batter and Greek yogurt with high-fiber cereal These foods will make you feel full without you loading up on all those calories