Deia Vibrators Review

Deia offers a large collection of sexual wellness devices. Deia vibrators are manufactured using body-safe silicone that is harmless to the human body; free from phthalates, BPA, and latex.


Cleaning the Deia devices is a breeze! Since they are water resistant, you can clean them using just mild soap and warm water, after which you wipe them dry. No need for special products or to be careful which part can or cannot become wet.

You cannot use silicone-based lubricants with the Deia devices, but water-based lubricants are just fine!

All Deia devices come with a 2-year limited warranty, giving you the ease of mind that your investment is safe.  We all know that these types of products are not cheap, so feel safe in knowing that if you purchased your Deia device within the last 60 days and are not satisfied with the product performance and have your receipt for proof of purchase, you are entitled to a refund.

The Deia vibrators vibrate a bit stronger than other brands and have more vibration settings (10 for most of them).

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Here are some of our favorites:

The Wearable

The Deia Wearable comes in two parts, a hands-free device that can be inserted and worn during sex, and a remote that can control the vibrations of the device. You can put both together in a charging storage case that is rechargeable with a USB cable. The case makes it the perfect toy to pack for travel, discreet and small.

And since you plug the USB cable into the case, the toys themselves do not have any plugs, so you have nothing to be worried about when you clean them with water. There are no holes water could get into!

The device features three prongs, both the clitoris and g-spot can be simultaneously stimulated. It has 10 vibration settings, so you can surprise your partner with some new sensations!

The remote itself vibrates too! So both partners can get pleasure at the same time. A great toy to play together with.

You can get The Wearable for $169 on the official website.

The Hot and Cold

The Hot and Cold is a massager with a special twist! You can control the temperature to create unique sensations. With 10 different vibration settings, you can mix and match with hot and cold temperatures, to experience 32 different sensations both external and internal!

Neat feature: the Hot and Cold is charged with a magnetic charging cable! So no plugs to be worried about when you clean your massager with water!

A beautiful storage bag with a drawstring can be used to put away this massager.

The Hot and Cold comes at $159 on the official website.

The Arouser

The Arouser is built for foreplay. The unique shape of the Deia Arouser is perfect to deliver external clitoral sensation with its delicate but powerful tapping technology that mimics human touch. Get in the mood with its gentle pulsing surface, ultra-soft and velvety. It features 10 unique vibration settings for a variety of experiences. And since it connects magnetically to its charging cable, there are no charging ports to be worried about when you clean this device.

The Arouser can be bought for $109 on the official website.


Deia vibrators are technologically advanced with your pleasure in mind.