Divorce rates in the United States

We all know that “till death do us part,” is not a vow taken seriously by a large number of American couples who make the pledge of marriage As a result, 41 percentᅠof 1st marriages fail and the percentages go up substantially with each subsequent marriage This must lead many to ask the question of why two people get divorced? Of course the obvious answer that people come up with is money According to , nearly everything causes divorce Some causes are obvious such as age, stress, and infidelity Others, are just plain silly, like a spouse who plays too many video games or if someone has declared themselves as being stricken with the toxic “divorce gene” The reasons and justifications seem to be endless This brings us back to why people get divorced Looking around at the world in 2011, there appears to be an obvious correlation America has become a disposable society, a society that looks at throwing away a spouse like throwing away a TV to buy a new one Don’t bother fixing it or (the relationship), just start over with no problems with someone else The only problem is, according to , marriage number two will fail 60 percentᅠof the time and marriage number three will fail an astounding 73 percent of the time Again we ask, why? Because, relationships come with baggage and problems that are not looked at or examined before or after the failure of one relationship, have a good chance of transferring over to the next relationship, and the relationship after that One bright spot for women going through a divorce, says , is they fare much better than men